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Have you ever had that moment in a retail store where you had a question about the product you're looking at but you didn't want to ask anyone for fear that you'd get into a long conversation? Or the salesman would pressure you into looking at other products. Everyone's had that experience at one point or another.

Take that scenario online and we've created a solution for you. Its a tool where you can ask a question and a brand advocate will give you an answer within a min but its not a live chat. Or if the product question you have has already been asked you can just view the answer and move along. I think its pretty amazingly useful tool.

- Search answers about right on the product page
- Answers provided by brand advocates (peers)
- Ask a question and get a quick answer when you need it anywhere on the site.
- Like the questions that were most helpful
- Easy access to common questions related to the product page you’re on.

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