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The new Eephus League website is live! @Phil Moody built the site and even got my animations to work! Thank you Phil, you're an angel and I've never enjoyed working with a web dev who is more thoughtful or talented.

I've always felt like Eephus was a gift that baseball fans allowed me to have and it continues to be my favorite creative outlet. Thanks to anyone who has purchased a scorebook; I'm glad you let me be a part of your game day experience. If you don't know what scorekeeping is, check out the books! They're a great way to learn.

These showcase product pages are used for the scorebooks and the more popular products. I wanted to have a better opportunity to use photography to sell the merch and to make Eephus more like a lifestyle brand. The scorebooks use a lot of fun production techniques, and they always photograph well. The pages turned out to be very visually rich, informative, and hopefully enticing!

If you've ever wanted to see a website that uses 7 premium typefaces, well, this is your chance. Go big or go home! I'll continue to post shots of different pieces of the redesign in the coming days.

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