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Brfly Chat App [mobile]

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Here are some screens from the BRFLY chat app that I shared earlier this month. In terms of UX it's pretty simplistic, but as promised I wanted to speak briefly about information and visual hierarchy in relation to visual user interface design.

So wtf am I talking about: Information and visual hierarchy is the context that a designer creates to help the user understand the importance of symbols, and titles in relation to a larger system. Simply put, hierarchy systems enable the user to negotiate interfaces, or to wayfind (more on that in another shot) It's font pairings and sizes, symbols, and palette etc +.

"But does it look good?"

So what's the relationship between visual hierarchy and visual appea? Building an interface with a clear hierarchy is a huge contributing factor to creating a positive user experience but it's important to remember that creating a visually appealing experience is a large part of UX as well. As we increasingly become reliant on digital interfaces they become more tangible so maybe we should treat them as such as designers.

With this in mind, I've been wondering how I can create effective UI utilizing limited color palettes. In this case I wanted to create a sense of brand by giving the user a visual framework for the product by relying on an almost monochromatic/stripped down color scheme.

One thing you might notice is that for positive alerts I've utilized a bright green. I felt comfortable using this green because it was complimentary to the brand. So while it stands out amongst the white and purple, it isn't visually disruptive and does not muddle the UX.

click the attachment for a closeup.

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