SALT LAKE CITY 2026 OLYMPICS - Candidate City Logo Concept

I'll never forget the 2002 Olympics in my own backyard of Salt Lake CIty, Utah.
I would love to see the Olympic Winter Games return to Utah.
In hoping the games do return to Utah someday, this is a logo concept that i've been working that i've turned into the a Olympic logo.
The design represents the state. The lines in an upward motion; as to looking up at the flames and/or looking up towards to the top of the mountains. The lines also make up a minimal shape of the state.
The colors are in line as well.
Blue: The blue sky of Utah
Yellow: The sunsets and planes of Utah
Orange: The redrock and terrain of the southern area of Utah.

Salt Lake City 2026... The world will be watching.


Posted on Feb 23, 2016
Matthew Harvey
Welcome to my world of Design. SLC, Utah

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