Design inspiration archive

Design inspiration archive

Gathering visual inspiration has been a part of my daily routine since college. Right now, I have over 70,000 images! For the last year, I've been using Dropmark to catalog the pieces of design I've found over the last 8 years. The beautiful thing about Dropmark is that it allows me to not only group the images broadly into themes (typography, logos, illustration, etc) but to also individually tag each image with it's unique attributes.

I want to go through the entire collection and tag every piece to allow myself and other designers a resource for filtering down to very specific types of work. Want to see badges that use multiple typefaces? Done. How about packaging that uses only a single color? Got you covered. Right now Mobile Design, Logos, and packaging design are fully tagged. Books and Publication design will be next. I want to give designers something that's catered to them and much more specific than a general resource like pinterest or desingspiration could ever be. If I know the designer, I mark it, the typeface, if it follows a specific trend (like using dat html blue…)

I really hope this is something you guys would find helpful, because I wanted to do this for the community and not just as something I'd use. Would you guys be interested in me doing a twitch stream to go through some of the logic I've been using and get feedback? Just chat about some of the themes that cropped up in the work? Sorry for the rambling, this has consumed many of the spare moments I've had for over a year. If anyone would be interested in helping me catalog the archive, please let me know.

Again, here's the link, hope you enjoy!


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