Real Estate Search Engine Property Page (need feedback)


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Hello Dribbblers!

I have almost finished working in Photoshop for this project, and going to style it in CSS pretty soon.

Some things are not pixel perfect, because I don't need them to be at this point, CSS will do the rounded corners, shadows and all that for me anyway.

What I am looking to achieve here is a clean UI with a sharp and crisp look, and a bit of a "newspaper-ish" feel to it.
I mean the UI should be pretty modern, rich and intuitive, but the overall feeling should be like you are browsing a modern newspaper with property listings in it.

I think I should be able to achieve that mostly with typography (choosing more traditional serif fonts),
Also with less gloss but more noise and texture. But I don't want to make it heavy either, loading times matter!

So, what else do you think can help it look a bit more newspaper-ish?

Thanks a lot!

- Val

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