Bellstrike is Live!!!

Bellstrike live

W00t! Bellstrike is LIVE! Check it out.

Mad props go to Dodd, Sean and Marshall for creating this baby.

Please check it out and poke around, see all the fun little things. I suggest you:

βœ” Click signin
βœ” Checkout the signup page (inspired by Candyland)
βœ” Click the rope of the bell
βœ” See if you can pull anything on about us
βœ” Checkout the sweet timestamp styling on the blog
βœ” See all of the fun illustrations
βœ” TEH 404 PAGE!!!!!!
βœ” Tell your friends with low-income non-profit businesses about it!

Thanks for following the saga guys, was fun to see this from illustration, to page designs to completion, all on Dribbble.

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