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Village Footer web design footer

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Not sure why, but I've been paying closer attention to footer designs and layouts lately. I think it's an interesting part of a website. In almost all instances, websites are designed/built from the top down and sometimes you get to the footer and you just think, "Now what?"

Just for fun I decided to make a new website for a local town in my area and when I got to the footer I had that "Now what?" feeling. When I was looking at different footers for inspiration a common pattern I discovered was basically repeating the navigation. That's the route I ended up taking, but I made it so that on small screens some things are removed so you don't have a giant footer to scroll through on your phone. For the smallest breakpoint I removed a lot of the info from the footer and kept it really basic since screen real estate at small sizes should be used diligently. Hoping to get this site live through github pages or something similar soon.

What are your thoughts on footers?

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