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I can't say it enough...I love it when we open up visual concepts to anyone in the @Funsize office that wants to pitch a concept to the client. It's a value add to the client because they get a different perspective on how their product can look and feel to their target audience.

Here's my take on how I envisioned MakeCreate's marketing site based on some rad wireframes that @Jim Jordan and @Rick Messer came up with during the wire framing stage.

When I first saw @Riley Cran's Moriston typeface I instantly wanted to find a way to integrate it into this concept. http://moriston.losttype.com/

A little about MakeCreate:
MakeCreate is an invite only photography production community. There are a ton of talented people who work behind the scenes that photoshoots possible (hair & makeup, location experts, even ice cream stylists!).

Peep game at that full attachment for all the details!

For more thoughts on Design / Process & Other Sheninigans


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