An App I worked on during an internship at Harman International in 2011. This specific app is for the JBL brand. I had never taken the time to highlight this piece of work, so here it is! Showing screens for iPhone 5, but JBL AmpUp was originally designed with iPad in mind.
Features include:
- See the weather forecast for your current (or any other) location
- 20-something custom weather backgrounds, depending on what the weather is.
- Inbuilt music player (JBL is all about music!)
- Digital 12/24 hr or analog clock
- See today's date & appointments
- Night Mode
- Morning alarm with your own music
- Bang the table to snooze alarm (motion detection)
- Equalizer for when paired to a JBL Bluetooth loudspeaker or dock
- Branded app-switcher to move to other JBL apps (or website)

A bit outdated nowadays; I still think that the interaction to toggle sleep mode is pretty clever, so is the interaction to snooze the alarm and the custom pager.
Have a look if you are so inclined (iDevices only):

Posted on Jan 31, 2016

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