Nik Ere

Finally here! Hello dribbble!

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Finally here! Hello dribbble! first shot astronaut ship space thanks invitation shot first debut ball dribbble illustration

Very happy to join the game and the great community!
Big thank to @Pavel Ivanov , he have awesome shots, better check out!

Story >

One young astronaut heard in bar how old space wolves talked about secret planet called Dribbble, where concentrated all wonders of Universe, and where so many geniuses that they could find a way to hide the system from undrafted creatures. Astronaut decided to see this planet with his own eyes.
Almost one light year he Wandered through a interstellar space, finding nothing. He didn't gave up. And finally at one day he received imail (interstellar mail). And there was an invitation with coordinates, and this text "Not all those who wander are lost".

Press L and follow if you like. @Nik Ere

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