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As we ease into the weekend, we are excited to announce the launch of @Mixpanel's first mobile application. One of the challenges with designing an enterprise app is nurturing design exploration without going overboard with the visual design. It's fun to mockup graphs with 3D to add some dimension and flare, but this can often bog down the speed of the application and potentially hinder the experience. With this app design, I kept things as simple and streamlined as possible and ensured that it was pixel-perfect, but focused a great deal of time to get the interactions and workflow right. I know at first glance that this UI might seem a bit vanilla. We had to keep it somewhat familiar for the customer base and lightweight, so exercising restraint was key.

Nevertheless, this was a fun project to dive into and we'll be showing more progress soon. I hope you dig the result and as always, feedback is welcome. :)

Check out the detail view for a better look.

We're up on Product Hunt today and you can download it on the App Store.

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