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Hey guys,

Here’s a preview of that new side project I’ve been working on.

- Full preview 1
- Full preview 2

To give a bit of context, I’ve been reading a lot of autobiographical stories and self-development books for the past year that inspired and guided me through my own questionings (if you need any book recommendations feel free to reach out to me via Twitter).

This project is an attempt to bring this type of stories into one place with a magazine-like design, putting the “heroes” at the center.

It originated from a need of doing something different from what t I’ve been building for the past 3 years. Solving problems in the enterprise space is interesting and challenging. But it’s also essentially about building the most efficient product and increase business value. Even though it’s a product for people to use everyday at work, I miss that “true meaning” around it. This project is a way for me to do something totally different and bring that human sense and meaning into my work. I love inspiring stories and people, and I hope this can somehow inspire others.

UX-wise here’s how it would work: the left panel with the picture is fixed while the right panel with the story is scrollable. So you can read through the story while looking at the person. You can any time like the story, or jump to the next or previous story. Trying to keep things very focused and simple in terms of interactions.

Make sure to check out both of the attachments. Also note that the text is a placeholder.

PS: Looking for a front-end dev to join the project. If there’s anyone interested feel free to reach out to me via Twitter. Thanks!

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