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Skype styles beta is finally out!

What is it?
Skype styles is a new skin for the skype chat on mac. Not only it is a completely redesigned chat interface, it comes also with very handy features for people that use skype on a daily basis, like fast links drop down or code highlighting
That's right you coders out there will be finally able to exchange code over skype like in a real code editor!

how to install
1. Get to the site
2. download the dmg file
3. install the dmg :)
4. after installation, just go to preferences --> messaging and change the style to

Only new conversations will take the skin. Already opened conversations stay with old skinning. Just close the conversation and talk to your firends again!

how do I use the code highlighting sweetness?
Before you give any code in skype, just use the name of the language you are inputting between brakets before the code. Examples

[css] and then copy my css from editor

And so on.

last thing We are still on beta!
Sorry about the missing things and the website that is very slow. We are both, the developper and I, pretty busy and this is just a side project. but a big one. We've been beta testing the skin since a while and it's pretty awesome! So we decided to release it, but it is definitelly not finished yet.

On the about popup, you'll find a link with your current version. In a while just click on that link to check if you have the last version of the skin, since more is coming!

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