Jorge R Canedo Estrada

Exquisite Ant (Intro)

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Exquisite Ant (Intro) giant ant school of motion gif math

School of Motion asked us to be part of this crazy idea: What if we create a Exquisite Corpse animation?

So they gave us Giant Ant 150 frames to work with and we sent the AE file, now it's up to the students to add the next 150 frames. Each week they will be adding another 150 frames. The winning entry each week will be the starting point for the next week. There will be 4 weeks and when we it is done it will come back to us for completion!

So we said, YES! We chose "Mathematics" as a theme and @Rafael Mayani made some sweet designs and I put some keyframes.

I CANNOT wait to see what the final result looks like!

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