Alpis Alberto González Roges

Growing Up In Neverland Chosen Concept

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Growing Up In Neverland Chosen Concept time cuba cuban fantasy clock artwork digital photoshop psd expo

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"Growing up means, and implies, time. And time means continuity, duration, but also change, experience, memory, evolution, and, strikingly enough for us human beings, conscience of our own mortality; it means past, but it also means future. It feels as if we, Cubans, have been trapped in time, somewhere between an unmovable present and a frozen past, that comes back once and again to haunt us with its lessons, homages, legacies and debts. We are in times of changes, and those bells are a constant menace to the status quo, both because we can wake up from our sleep, but it is also alarmnig because we may never wake up again"

David Horta ( Growing Up In Neverland Expo Curator )

Check the attachments if you want to check out some of the tests I'm making with the concept for future advertising materials.

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