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Type Fight!

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Type Fight! font robofont bezier lettering six 6 typefight fight type

I was delighted when the kind folks over at TypeFight invited me to compete in a letter battle. I've been following and voting on Type Fights since I was a kid in graphic design school in west Texas, so to have a round in the ring is a real honor!

As a typeface designer I work primarily in Robofont and InDesign, but I wanted to have some fun and combine type design with some three-deminsional illustration. So, I'm going to post a few process shots during the next few days to show some of these steps and the interesting outcomes that came from that process. What you see here is one of my initial drawings for the piece I submitted. I started off by drawing the innermost and outmost lines and then interpolated (blended) them within Robofont to create all the steps in-between. I legitimately thought about just submitting this shot. The nerd in me loves combining math and letterforms. These lines were ultimately used as the basis for the 'lights' in the final drawing. Hope you guys enjoy!

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