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HS. – fashion designer, landing page

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HS. – fashion designer, landing page website przemek kowal colour colourful minimal modern bright landing page design fashion

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Hello Dribbble!

I'm happy to show you new 'project'. First of all I have to mention, that I did it only for fun. I decided to upload it just because I think it looks pretty cool and it's worth sharing, but UX / Usability could be way better, I know that.
To be honest with you I wouldn't call this piece a 'project'. It was expression of creativeness that was lying inside of me. I didn't paid too much attention to Usability, just because I was sucked in creating. I know it's not best habit, but hey, it was done for fun.
I was thinking if I should make another views for that page, but I'm not sure if something like this is worth further developing.
Anyways, make sure to check full pixels (attached). Show me some Love.

Feel free to share your thoughts, I'm open for any critique.
Just to be clear: I do not own the rights for the images shown in this project. They have solely been used as an example of style and expression.

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