Canyon Country iPad App is Live!


Forgive the picture quality.... I snapped this from my iPhone.

We (Rally Interactive) are excited to say that the Canyon Country iPad App is now available to download in the iTunes store. Big thanks to our client, for working with us.

Go forth and download for free -

If you encounter any copy errors (there are bound to be some) or bugs, please don't hesitate to let us know.!/canyoncntryapp

We'd love to know what the dribbble community thinks...

This is the first iOS project that Rally has built. We are a small company (3 people in total), so this project definitely took some time. Our client, was awesome to work with.

We're in the midst of actually building a Rally site and with it a Blog. We're hoping to have a couple insightful blog posts that reveal some of the development limitations and solutions we encountered while building the app. We're excited to share our iOS nooob experience for those that want to listen :)

Stalk us on Twitter for updates on this app.


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