BuzzFeed News iOS app

This was a project that launched last year in June 2015. The goal was to design a news app that would serve as a trusted voice to distill what’s worth knowing about events in the world, analogous to a news-oriented friend texting you selective and personalized messages about events and stories.

Ultimately, after many explorations, the app’s design involved a finite digest of an average twenty stories at a time throughout the day, handpicked by our news editorial team. It also comprised of modular pieces of rich content types to design, from image galleries to timelines to pull quotes to native-like social media embeds.

Our news editorial would also add color to stories with their own voice and take, through the red text in the locking headings seen in the “Catch Up” tab, as well as through their own leading descriptions right above any modular content piece. The other spot they did this was through carefully written push notifications, which would source from an “Alerts” tab displaying a stream of all the notifications being written, with indications inline of what you’ve subscribed to. From here, you’d be able to both discover and manage what you opted in and out of.

(This was originally prototyped in Framer, and then recreated in Principle for this recording.)

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