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Had fun designing the Hound Voice Assistant app at SoundHound Inc. with Womo Iyegha, Kheng Khov and Minh Nguyen! Light years ahead of Google Voice Search, Hound performs speech recognition and natural language processing in a single step, making it lighting fast, accurate, and truly conversational. The Houndify platform this runs on can be easily integrated into any software app or hardware product like a car or a coffee maker. The Beta is out on Android and the iOS client is in the works.

As my time at SoundHound Inc. was primarily focused on leading the design of the SoundHound clients, I worked out an efficient Hound pipeline and asset management system as well as defined crucial areas of Hounds UIX, branding and certain specific complex interactions.

+attached some old comps from production.

Get it here:

Check out this demo video! It will blow your mind:

Learn all about the tech:

Hound demo in Nvidia Drive CX dashboard for BMW, Mercedes, Audi, etc.:

Oh and they're hiring. Mention I sent you ;)


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