Frannie's Coconut Kefir

Enter your text here...What many people don’t realize is that the most important part of building a visual identity is taking the time to do an in-depth discovery phase and using that to build a strategic framework that guides the visual expression of the brand. This may sound lofty, but it gives us a specific problem to solve to. That process also uncovers fun little idea nuggets along the way... Because it forces you to think deeply about why this product or service exists. So the very first thing I try to uncover in the discovery process is... What is the PROBLEM we are trying to solve, and how does this product create a SOLUTION to that problem.

For Coconut Kefir:

THE PROBLEM: Traditional Kefir is a dairy-based, fermented milk product and is typically the consistency of a drinkable yogurt, often marketed as a beverage with healthy probiotic benefits. The problem is, dairy is extremely inflammatory to many people.

THE SOLUTION: A coconut-based kefir that completely eliminates the dairy, keeps all the probiotic benefits of the fermentation process and finishes with a rich and velvety texture.

These two points are what guide what the Mission, Vision and values of the brand.

Jim Kennelly
Brand Expert, Designer, Illustrator, Commercial Artist.

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