WOODLAWN Movie Title

Woodlawn film title

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I spent a little over 1 year working on the film WOODLAWN. I'm really proud of the fact that the font that @Greyson Sofia MacAlpine and I picked out for the first temp poster, League Spartan, was used throughout post-production and eventually in the final poster and film. It was even used as the title font for two books telling the real-life story of this movie.

I wanted a realistic looking texture for the titles. To achieve this look I created stencils for each letter and painted textures with a foam paint brush. The painted texture was then scanned in, adjusted in Photoshop, and then layered and animated in After Effects.

I also created the title graphics animation for every version of the trailer. You can see the main trailer here.

I'm available for freelance work! Message me on Dribbble or business(at)JeremiahWarren(dot)com.


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