Design Workflow with Sketch (new ecourse)

Designing screens that are beautiful and easy to navigate is a big enough challenge, and if you’re not using Sketch to do it, you’re probably moving a lot slower than you need to.

Sketch empowers designers to move more efficiently, quickly, and thoughtfully through their design process.

That’s why I’m excited to share my latest ecourse, Design Workflow with Sketch, the third title in the design ecourse series from InVision. It’s a 10-part email ecourse delivered weekly. In it, you’ll learn how to use Sketch, from symbols to type systems to responsive design. Paired with InVision, it’ll accelerate and perfect your design workflow.

Each installment builds on the last, taking you from the fundamentals to a fully functional prototype to launch and beyond. It’s also absolutely free.

Want in? Sign up now!

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Posted on Jan 7, 2016

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