Ultimate Hotel Experience

This may already exist, but tinkering with UX is fun!

Why can't bathrooms/showers be like car seat settings? If technology is going to help me live, I'd like the shower to know my preferences.

Recently, I visited a boutique hotel in NYC where the shower actually had a pressure gauge. My husband preferred his skin to be ripped off whereas I enjoy decent pressure. If cars remember seating, why can't the shower? The dashboard would be right outside the shower and would either:

1. Recognize your hotel key via bluetooth / wifi (it's specific to each user) and sync your settings OR

2. Hardware installed the bathroom to tap either Guest 1 or Guest 2 (up to 4 depending on size of room)

This could potentially alleviate having to remember where I left the dial for preferred pressure or temperature. Not to mention allow several guests to use the facility without too much fuss. I want to borrow the idea of logging in with a music app of choice. Wouldn't it be nice to take a warm bath with your favorite playlist going?

Posted on Jan 6, 2016

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