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A tiny alarm inside your bike

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A tiny alarm inside your bike keyshot design aláez dani zound 3d render bike alarm

On April 2015, I set myself the goal to design and build a physical product from zero. I started with the idea of designing an invisible alarm to protect my -by that time- new single speed bicycle. So I started soldering, programming, rendering, and... voilà!

Here's actual footage of how it worked. I uploaded it to Quirky in order to see if I could get it developed by a professional team, but unfortunately it didn't move forward. So it died along with my enthusiasm for it.

And here we are, almost a year later, doing the cleaning over my Dropbox when I found this really cool project abandoned inside a lost folder. There's really no excuses for not doing everything I could to launch it, it just didn't fit my schedule :(

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