Hootenanny Gravel Ride

The Hootenanny is a gravel ride hosted by my local bike shop Hush Money.

This artwork depicts the historic Cold Spring Hotel, a historic landmark located in the same region as the bike race. The hotel was destroyed in a fire, which was believed to be an act of arson by the owners to collect an insurance payout.

Other details include:

  1. Ben Franklin, who is featured in Hush Money's logo.

  2. Rattlesnakes, which infested the hotel and were sometimes eaten by guests.

  3. A bowling pin representing the bowling alley located on the property.

  4. A mortar. The nearby military base sometimes miscalculated their artillery and shells were found on the hotel premises.

An accompanying flyer was designed to advertise the event on Instagram. A major inspiration for the illustration style and typography on this project was a recent art opening featuring a range of zines and gig posters.

A smaller, simplified version of the artwork was also created for water bottles.

If you'd like to commission something like this, feel free to reach out!


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