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Everlist - task/list manager

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Everlist - task/list manager groceries flat material reminder task icons illustrations todo list app wunderlist

Our new beta version of our task/list manager with 2000 illustrations is out. And it's called Everlist, and it is free for now:
- Download now for iOS
- Visit the website

And I really want to build it with you guys! So go grab yourself a version and give us your feedback at everlist.contact@gmail.com and we will make sure to add it in the next version. Many things will be improved, this is our very minimal MVP and we want you to help us build on top of that. iPad and AppleWatch on their way. Only in english countries for now, if you want it in your store, same send us an email :D

Hope you like it bros! Press "L" on your keyboard if you do, and follow me if you don't want to miss some upcoming work.

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