Paradoor - Luxury home co-ownership

Paradoor is on a mission to democratise

luxury home co-ownership

Effortless indulgence

Paradoor enables co-ownership of luxury holiday homes, letting individuals buy a fraction of a property and share ownership and costs. The company manages all aspects, including maintenance and a concierge service, and facilitates easy resale of shares with any profit retained by the owner.

Your exclusive retreat awaits

Each share provides access to 44 nights per year, with regulations in place to maintain fairness among co-owners. These include restrictions on the length of stays and acknowledgment of periods of high demand.

The calendar presents available days and limits user selection to align with their availability. It also features counters indicating the number of special days the booking will utilise, aiding users in planning.

Feel like a local

Paradoor aims to offer a luxury experience surpassing typical rentals, immersing co-owners in the local environment. They provide a complimentary concierge service, assisting with stay arrangements and offering local insights, including special requests, tours, and activities.

To learn more about Paradoor visit this landing page.

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