Hello to everyone! I really thought that my previous shot would be the last one this year but then I got so inspired with your likes and comments that I've decided to do a rebound. This time I've picked a city which is much warmer, even in these cold and gloomy winter days. If you're going to San Francisco be sure to wear some flowers in your hair, you know :simple_smile: I hope you like this illustration and the interface as well. As usual, I've used the weather icons pack created by Arthur Avakyan for Tubik Studio, and if you like how they look you can get them on one of our online stores - CreativeMarket or Envato, whatever is more convenient for you. Dowload them and use to create your own great designs!

Stay tuned for more updates from Tubik Studio both on Dribbble and on our blog. Have you checked our most recent case study on logo design, by the way? If not, you are most welcome to read the article called Saily. Designing a Logo.

This year has been full of exciting events for our studio, and I enjoyed all the wonderful projects I've had a chance to work on, and all the feedback and support I received from you, Dribbble folk. I wish you to stay creative and energetic in the coming year and to bring a lot of inspiration and beauty to this world. Happy Holidays!

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