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T70 X-Wing

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T70 X-Wing the force awakens star wars tfa ship fight laser space x-wing

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Being a huge Star Wars fan, I've seen Dribbble's tribute shots to the new film with great interest. So I thought it was time I made mine!

Not gonna spoil anything if you didn't see the latest movie, but there's a new design of the X-Wing, called the T-70 model, and I love it. I had to open up C4D and model that baby. I've rigged it with Xpresso for animation, so that thing can deploy its wings, open its cockpit, shoot for a defined period of time, you can even adjust the laser length and cannon frequency, the reactor beam's color and power, and of course edit the paint: colors and scratches (screenshot attached).

Hope you like it! Here are some wallpapers attached.
As a bonus for iPhone 6S users, here's a .mov file that you can download to your gallery and set as a Live Photo wallpaper using this terrific free app.

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