Descartes - Family of Brands - Case Study

After more than a year of collaboration that included extensive user research and design discovery to define a slightly updated design language and experience, as well as a completely new CMS environment in WordPress for the three Descartes sub-brands (MacroPoint, Aljex, and Visual Compliance) led by three different teams, we have finally launched the updated case study that covers the full extent of our collaboration.

We can proudly say that one year after launching the MacroPoint website, we saw an 18% increase in conversions and a 20% reduction in bounce rate. Beyond the great numerical results, we have equipped their marketing team with a robust and flexible CMS, as well as a revised and modernized design language based on the strong legacy of the Descartes brand, which has been on the market since 1981.

Kudos to the whole BB team, including our PM, UX, UI, and Dev teams! Big kudos to Maxwell, Alfred, and the rest of the MacroPoint, Aljex, and Visual Compliance teams for their trust, insight, support, and collaboration!

Check out the Case Study here:


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