GIFmas Tree 2015 - "Jester's Court" and "Series of Dots" Rebound

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Merry GIFmas, everyone! Each year, I practice a tradition of introspection and reflection on the designs that I've created over that year, the inspirations which lead to them, and the techniques that I used to create them. I then create a new design in the shape of a tree, but composed of design elements from the year past. I call this tradition "GIFmas".

And so - I have created another GIFmas tree, pulling ideas from two of my designs created in 2015. First, "Jester's Court" (March) - from which I derived the scene layout, materials, and lighting. Second, "Series of Dots" (February) - from which I derived the object arrangement and motion.

Jester's Court:

Series Of Dots:

I could certainly write more words here, 2015 having been the best year of my life so far - but I'll keep it short and sweet. Merry GIFmas everyone, and I hope that you all have an amazingly creative and productive 2016! :D


For those interested, here are some of my previous years' GIFmas Trees.

GIFMas 2013 Tree:

GIFMas 2014 Tree:

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