BRC-20 Launchpad - web3


Launchpad designed to simplify and provide quick access to new projects on the BRC-20 network. As a UX/UI Designer, I was responsible for creating an intuitive and efficient interface for users to easily interact with the platform and purchase project tokens.


Information Accessibility

Users require access to complete and reliable information about projects to make participation decisions.

Transaction Complexity

The processes of buying and participating in projects can be confusing and non-intuitive for users.


  1. Project Details Page

    Developed a page containing comprehensive information about each project, including its status, price, deadlines, and other important data. This allows users to easily understand the essence of the project and determine their interest in it.

  1. Buy Flow

  • Bracket (Token Selection) - users can choose the quantity and type of tokens they wish to purchase within the project.

  • Payments - several convenient payment methods for token purchases are provided, including Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

  • Transaction Summary - before confirming the transaction, users receive a detailed summary of their actions and transactions for verification.

  • Waiting For Payment - after user confirmation, their transaction is queued for payment.

  • Transaction Success - users receive a notification of successful transaction completion and receipt of their tokens.


  1. Improved Information Accessibility

    Thanks to the Project Details page, users can easily find and evaluate potential projects for participation.

  2. Streamlined Transaction Process

    The Buy Flow helps make the process of buying and participating in projects more accessible and understandable for all participants.

  3. Increased Interest

    Launchpad has become more attractive to investors and market participants, leading to increased participation in new projects on the BRC-20 network.

Overall, the developed Launchpad meets the needs of users and promotes investment in BRC-20 network projects, making the process accessible and efficient.

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