Lyft App Redesign - In-Ride Experience

I’m incredibly excited to share the all-new Lyft app. It’s beautiful, intuitive and sprinkled with little bits of delight.

The in-ride screen was designed with a focus around context and ergonomics. We made it easy to find the most important information that you need for a smooth and quick pickup.

We've also made it easier to access all the capabilities of Lyft during your ride. Contact your driver via call or text, split the fare with friends, and share your ETA – all comfortably placed within thumb’s reach.

This was an incredible team effort with Jisi Guo, Marc Haumann, Frank Yoo, Monal Chokshi, Nate Rodriguez and Madelyn Lee, along with Brendan Lim from Product and Martin Conte Mac Donell from Engineering.

We're crafting the future of transportation, and we're hiring designers! Get in touch on twitter @marchaumann, @jisiguo, and @vickiheart

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