Georgia Museum of Art Anniversary Branding


For the 75th Anniversary of the Georgia Museum of Art, I have developed a visual event identity along with several key adaptations and applications.


My concept decision in linkage. The museum is a system where all these pieces are linked together, or united, to create an experience.

But it isn’t just the pieces that are linked together, or housed, in the museum. It’s the connection between the viewer and the art, the art enthusiast and the artist, or the viewer and another viewer.

With the idea of linkage in mind, I also took that into consideration with the type of experience I wanted people to have with the event identity, which is why my applications will be interactive-based.


Initially, I came up with four concepts: data vis, collage, construction and reveal. I ended up creating a new concept that was not in these initial four, but I definitely took from my data visualization concept to create something past that.


I wanted people to be able to interact with the medium rather than just seeing it visually. My idea was to have a digital display where these posters I’d create would be placed out on these screens.


For my application, I am doing interactive poster series. I’ll be building data-driven posters on the Georgia Museum of Art. My audience will be young adults & art enthusiasts. I plan on making these interactive posters incredibly easy to utilize. The intended effect on the audience is to feel inspired by the development of the museum over the past 75 years. I’d also love for people to learn more about this development through the data I compose. I am reinforcing the concept of linkage through my interactive elements linking with one another, extending or connecting to something else.

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