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Etude : Mixcloud
The Music industry is constantly changing, especially in the digital area.
Bop.fm, Grooveshark and Rdio recently closed their door.
Apple Music is becoming a serious player. The try made by Tidal. Soundcloud’s new policies or even Youtube who is also establishing itself in a strong position while competing Spotify, Pandora, Deezer, lastFM, etc..
But for us, Mixcloud has since day one a different approach and a more sustainable business model. On top of a good relationships with artists and labels.
The overall principles behind this Etude are simple : Mixcloud is the music platform we use the most at the present time; it’s also the only way to listen to Tsugi or FreundevonFreunden excellent Podcasts/Mixtapes.
So we took each element one by one, tried to catch their essence and pushed ourselves to see how we could reinforce it even more. With some simplifications or possible new features. Always having in mind the Mixcloud DNA.
We worked hard on Dayafterday to create a compact collective of creative things on the web. Exploring the connections between music, media and art. We took some inspirations from there too.

All the elements presented here are available in .psd files here
(.sketch files to come too).

We also worked on the Mobile/Tablet version and on how to enhance the community side of the platform; stay tuned.


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