Nectar Roast: Coffee Shop Branding and Climate Change Capstone


In my capstone project, I explored the environmental impact of coffee production, driven by my passion for coffee and concern for climate change. Recognizing the lack of consumer awareness, I aimed to prioritize sustainability in my future coffee business, targeting environmentally-conscious coffee enthusiasts.


The challenge lay in the absence of consumer awareness regarding the ecological consequences of coffee production. Through extensive research and interviews with industry stakeholders, I sought to understand existing knowledge gaps and consumer preferences.


  • Why: To emphasize the importance of transparency in coffee production waste and encourage consumers to prioritize sustainability.

  • How: By creating a design solution that addresses challenges such as inadequate information, information overload, and lack of transparency among sellers.

  • What: Establishing a coffee shop and brand focused on educating and empowering consumers to make sustainable coffee choices through a centralized platform offering comprehensive information and incentives for responsible decision-making.

Design Solution

Introducing "Nectar Roast," a coffee concept addressing the impact of coffee production on hummingbirds. Featuring "Hummingbird's Delight," a bird-friendly coffee promoting biodiversity and protecting habitats. The brand's logo, with a hummingbird motif, reflects values of sweetness, nourishment, and vitality. The brand identity, with a simple, elegant font and warm color palette, aims to resonate with our target audience.


Implemented initiatives such as a refillable coffee canister program, thrifted merchandise sales, and personalized tumbler systems to reduce single-use plastic waste. A reward system incentivizes eco-friendly practices. Through this project, I learned that a successful brand goes beyond visuals—it must align with values and resonate with the target audience, emphasizing transparency as crucial in today's business landscape.

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