Pinhole, App Design + Product Design


For our project at the art museum, the challenge was to create a marketable item. My vision was to blend education with interactivity by exploring the scientific principles behind photography. The product aimed at engaging young aspiring photographers, educators in art and photography, as well as avid photo enthusiasts. The centerpiece of the project was a pinhole camera supplemented by a digital app. The camera served as both a tangible learning tool and a platform for creative exploration. The accompanying app provided manuals, educational resources, and avenues for social interaction within the photography community. Designed for versatility, the pinhole camera could be utilized in various settings, particularly those abundant with natural light to optimize image quality.


This endeavor marked my initiation into using a laser cutting machine, presenting a steep learning curve. As a non-engineer, ensuring precise fittings for the pieces required extensive trial and error. Compounded by the tight two-month timeframe, the project demanded efficient problem-solving.


  1. Foster an appreciation for traditional photography methods while demystifying the underlying science behind them.

  2. Prioritize interactivity and rich multimedia content to enhance user engagement.

  3. Develop a comprehensive app ecosystem that complements the physical product, serving as a hub for photography education and resources.


Employing a laser cutter, I meticulously crafted the pinhole camera using acrylic sheets, ensuring both functionality and aesthetic appeal. A customized color palette further accentuated its visual allure. Complementing the physical product, the Pinhole application offered an extensive array of film and photography resources, seamlessly integrating theory with practice.


The culmination of our efforts culminated in a successful exhibition showcasing the pinhole camera. Here, I had the opportunity to present my work to esteemed professionals ranging from professors to mathematicians and designers, receiving valuable feedback and recognition for our innovation in marrying art and science.

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