eOne - Style Exploration Ver 1

What is your process when doing style exploration or design direction for a website? For us, it's usually a continuation of the branding process where we try to define a specific visual style that would closely follow the synthesis of our research (understanding our audience and the brand positioning) and determine if that particular style fits the visual narrative we're crafting for the client.

With eOne, the challenge was a bit deeper, as they were looking for a re-brand and consolidating all their sub-brands under a single brand. Moving from a house of brands to a branded house. We tried 3 very distinct design routes, and in the end, went with a direction that is a bit closer to where the company is today. The idea of these explorations is to determine "how far can we take it" — so in the examples we're sharing... we took it slightly too far from the existing comfort zone and had to dial back in the next iterations.


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