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The small garden

So the client has taken a total 360 and has now asked me to design something based on 3 leaves that intersect and create transparency. The previous idea has been cast-away…

Update: The long and short of is that after spending considerable time working on the initial idea I find myself in a position of either: walking away or trying my best to create something reasonable from some very specific revised directions.

This is the exact idea they wanted me to artwork

So this is my last attempt to try and direct them to something reasonable.

Worth mentioning that this is not a direct client but rather I am working with someone who's client it is, and who is equally as frustrated as I.

Hence why I feel a little better saying how it is…

And what you see in the rebound is my attempt at trying to create something half decent, and tasteful even if not original or unique, from their idea.

It's OK I feel. Nice, colourful, bold, quite striking and has it's advantages but it's a far cry from their initial brief of wanting something more ingenious and structural.

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