Range Wordmark Options

Range Outfitters is a new sporting goods based in Anchorage, Alaska. I presented these four options to the client following a thorough visual exploration.

Let me know which one you feel is the strongest!

Option 01 utilized the iconic antler shape of the Alaskan Caribou and a font style reminiscent of classic outdoor brands like L.L. Bean.

Option 02 used bold shapes and sharp angles to convey the rugged and modern materials used to create durable sporting goods.

Option 03 made use of the negative space in the R to reveal O'Malley Peak, a landmark visible from Anchorage.

Option 04 placed the emphasis on the letter A to create a simplified mountain shape with a windswept peak.

Each of the four options evolved from initial concept to the refined versions I shared with the client, as shown below:

> click here to see the final logo design!

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