Ready Messenger Brand Identity [Case Study]

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Ready is redefining messaging with its innovative business chat app, seamlessly integrating crypto wallets, and elevating virtual communication standards. Focusing on security and privacy, aims to mirror the secure environment for cryptocurrency exchange in the web3 space.

In the initial stages of launching Ready, the priority was to establish trust and professionalism while articulating a distinctive value proposition. Seeking expertise in crafting blockchain branding, the team aimed to develop a brand identity reflecting the secure and private nature of cryptocurrency communication.

Through brand personality exercises, theĀ main concept emerged, forming the basis for its visual identity design. Incorporating a hypercube concept symbolizing the blockchain system, Ready's design reflects the sage archetype, organizing information, while emphasizing transparency and safety, aligning with the Innocent archetype's values.

The final brandĀ has driven user engagement, impressing over 2,000 participants in successful beta programs. Partnerships with major crypto exchanges further underscore Ready's influence, while its promise of security and convenience continues to attract users, setting new standards in the crypto industry.

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