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In the heart of every meaningful design lies a story. For Voltaic, a burgeoning startup, the narrative was clear—pioneering the shift to sustainable home improvements. My journey with Voltaic began with a vision to create a brand that breathes innovation and echoes the commitment to a greener tomorrow.


The essence of Voltaic's mission was clear, yet the energy sector's conversation was cluttered with similar rhetoric. The challenge was to rise above the noise and resonate on a personal level with homeowners and eco-advocates alike, forging a connection that transcends the ordinary.

My Approach

With careful consideration and a deep understanding of Voltaic's ethos, I embarked on a design expedition. Every step, from conceptual sketches to polished interfaces, was imbued with purpose and passion. The logo—a symbol of transformative energy and growth, united the powerful dynamics of a lightning bolt with the gentle touch of a leaf.

I chose a palette that whispered of dawn and dusk, the magic hours of contemplation and decision. The warmth of the yellows and the depth of the grays were a ballet of light and solidity, ensuring the brand stood firm yet inviting.

Design in Detail

My focus for the website was to craft a user experience that mirrored the ease and benefit of switching to solar—intuitive, logical, and enriching.

Every section was a chapter in the user's journey of discovery, dotted with compelling calls to action and grounded by testimonials of transformation.

Upon unveiling the website, Voltaic witnessed a surge of interest and connection. The design translated into a dialogue with the audience, yielding a 60% increase in inquiries and solidifying Voltaic's position in the market. The brand and website became not just a platform, but a community cornerstone.

Personal Reflection

Designing for Voltaic was a canvas where my skills met my values. Each pixel was more than color; it was a step towards a dream I hold dear—facilitating choices for a sustainable lifestyle. It's a testament to the power of design that resonates with the core of human experience.

Monodeep Samanta
Web and Mobile App UX/UI Designer 🇬🇧

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