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Hi guys! Is everything good? I hope it is, and you are all enjoying your creative week. So am I. Do you remember my recent Dribbble shot on the iPad app for booking tables in restaurants? Here's a bit more stuff from this project: an animated user flow, to show you what happens once they tap the "Book" button. As for you, let's see what happens if you press the L button on your keyboard;) You feedback is always very welcome, so I'd love to hear what you think about this work.

Creating an interface like this is complex work - it begins with the UX design, the phase where all the interactions and logic is carefully thought of, and then bringing the color and style during the UI phase. It's also the time when the icons some along - a small yet extremely important interface element. Have you already read our blog article on icons called Iconic Simplicity. The Vital Role of Icons. If not, you definitely have to, and let us know if you agree with our vision. Stay tuned for more Dribbble shots to come and more interesting articles in our blog. Have a great day!

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