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In the heart of historic grandeur, Bonus Life Studios' website redesign posed a challenge to harmonize the timeless elegance of landmark venues with the crisp expectations of modern event hosting. The project embarked on a journey to sculpt digital narratives that showcase venues with centuries of stories etched into their walls.

Project Overview

The objective was clear: to capture the essence of Bonus Life Studios' historic venues and translate it into an intuitive and immersive digital experience. As a seasoned UX/UI designer, my approach was to let the venues' own character lead the design process.

Design Philosophy

"Our Space, Your Imagination" – the headline embodies the transformative potential of the spaces. With a minimalist black and white palette, the design invites creators to envision their events in venues that have stood the test of time.

The challenge was to ensure the user's journey through the site was as enchanting as a physical stroll through the venues. I adopted a narrative-driven design, weaving stories of the spaces with user interaction points, ensuring each scroll reveals a new chapter.


The homepage serves as a grand entrance, akin to a venue's majestic doors. High-quality imagery, contrasting typography, and a user-centric layout set the stage. Subsequent sections, like "Lower East Side Grandeur" and "A Ballroom Secreted with a Leafy Courtyard," were meticulously crafted to evoke the venues' distinct atmospheres while ensuring usability.

The attention to detail extended to the mobile-responsive design, ensuring the elegance was not lost on smaller screens.


The result? A digital space where history and functionality dance in harmony, much like the events that Bonus Life Studios hosts. The website not only reflects the magnificence of the venues but also my dedication to UX/UI craftsmanship, guiding users to not just see, but feel the possibilities.

Monodeep Samanta
Web and Mobile App UX/UI Designer 🇬🇧

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