Asser design - Home page redesign

Initial Impression:

The original Asser Design & Construction homepage was robust and promising but echoed for a touch of modernity that would align with its architectural ethos. It was a canvas awaiting a transformation that would mirror the innovation of Asser's real-world projects.

Embarking on the Redesign:

As an individual designer, I approached the redesign as a personal challenge to infuse life into every pixel. My aim was to intertwine functionality with the elegance of Asser’s own principles. This project was not merely about reshaping a user interface but about constructing a user experience that paralleled the art of building spaces.

The Solo Designer’s Touch:

The redesign is a testament to the power of a single vision that can lead to a profound impact. Each design decision was a solitary step towards creating an ensemble of elements that harmoniously work together to showcase Asser's prowess and promise.

Reflections and Moving Forward:

By channeling 15 years of expertise in UX/UI into this project, I've aimed to present a digital space that is not just seen but felt, ensuring that every visitor leaves with a lingering sense of connection to Asser's architectural artistry.

Monodeep Samanta
Web and Mobile App UX/UI Designer 🇬🇧

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