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Hackathon - framerJS Challenge #9

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Hackathon - framerJS Challenge #9 allergies framerjs framer prototype

Hello friends,

I'm a bit late this week, but there is a good reason for that.
I'm attending at the first open data hackathon in Serbia (it's kinda big deal), so for my 9th prototype I'm presenting you conceptual idea of the app that I'm working on (32h left to finish it).

Shortly, it's app that will help people with allergies, to see if they're good to go outside or actually anywhere.

If you decide to go deeper in framer code, you'll probably hate me for the rest of my life, but I really didn't have too much time to polish it 😅

Prototype #9 →
Collection →

P.S. Got the inspiration from amazing @Tobias van Schneider ▲▲▲


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