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One day after putting in a loooooong day of work on the AIUX course, I went home frustrated and slightly depressed about the possibility that I could pull this whole thing off and actually launch it.

It's funny how no matter what the project is, I experience highs and lows through the entire process. Designing and building this course was no different.

Well, on this particular day. I got an email just as I pulled into my driveway.

It was a reply to an email I sent the AIUX Private Beta testers, asking if they'd be up for giving some feedback for some testimonials I was gathering for the sales site.

When I opened Alan's email, my jaw dropped and I started for a few seconds, completely in awe. He said, "Sure Matt, I'd be happy to..."

All of the feelings of doubt rushed away in an instant.

They still pop in occasionally, but I'm incredibly proud to get this quote from him, in addition to having over 30 other designers from Adobe beta test the course app for me.

Check out the course if you haven't already! It's open until Dec. 12 at midnight.

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Happy to answer any questions you might have. Hit me up!

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