Fundex - UX/UI platform design of the crypto loan service

Fundex: Bringing Crypto Loans to Life

Recently we showed you a branding for a revolutionary blockchain-powered platform.

Today the Outcrowd team is excited to showcase a glimpse into the user-centric design of the Fundex platform. This brief animation highlights the seamless user experience through the login process, followed by a peek at the app's functionality and payment flow.

Focus on User Experience

Our design prioritizes clarity and simplicity, ensuring a smooth journey for every user. Interactive widgets provide all the necessary information at a glance, empowering users to make informed decisions.

UX/UI web app design for the crypto platform

The Animation

The animation begins with a streamlined login process, followed by a transition showcasing the intuitive dashboard. Users can easily navigate features like loan application, investment options, and secure payment processing.

UX/UI design for the blockchain-powered loan platform

Fundex: Democratizing Crypto Finance with Ease

By prioritizing user experience and clear information design, Fundex empowers individuals to confidently navigate the world of crypto loans and investments. Stay tuned for more on Fundex project!


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